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True Detective"I Think I’ll Kill Someone Today"
On Friday, December 31st, 1999, as the rest of the world was preparing to celebrate the arrival of the new Millennium, 13-year-old Kaylene Harris rolled into the bottom bunk in her bedroom in a mobile home in Del Rio, Texas, and went to sleep.
At around 4.30 a.m. a man with a knife climbed through the window. He slashed her throat, leaving her to die in a pool of her own blood.
But the killer made a mistake. He had assumed that Kaylene, whom he was afterwards to claim he killed for no reason at all, was alone.
As the killer straightened up from the bottom bunk her friend Krystal Surles, 10, who had come to stay with her over the holidays put her hands around her neck, begging him not to kill her as well. Without a word the man slashed her throat and ran from the mobile home into the night.
Somehow Krystal survived. From her hospital bed, her neck swathed in bandages, she described her best friend’s killer to a police sketch artist. And when the drawing was seen by Kaylene’s father, Terry Harris, he knew at once who it was. The man in the picture was Tommy Sells, with whom he had once or twice gone to church, a drifter he had befriended.
At 6.30 a.m. on Sunday, January 2nd, 2000, two police officers went to Sells’s caravan home and arrested him. Sells, 35, a travelling fairground worker who on occasions when he wore a full beard bore a passing resemblance to Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, was calm, almost complacent, as they began to question him. The first thing he said was, “That girl’s alive? Wow, that was a mistake.”
Then he said, “Well, I guess you’ll want to know about all the others as well, won’t you?”
“The others?” he was asked. “Tell us about them.”
Sells shrugged. “That’ll be difficult, because I can’t remember how many there are. It could be anything between 20 and 70. I’m sorry, I don’t keep records.”
In answer to the question “Why?” he shrugged again. “Why did I kill? I really don’t know. I’ve got a billion theories myself, but anything I say won’t justify it.”
At first interrogating officers were reluctant to take all this seriously. But it soon became clear that Sells knew a lot of things about homicides committed in the previous dozen or so years that only the killer could have known about. The claims he was making readily, almost proudly, were pouring out of him.
He claimed that he got the taste for killing in 1981. Sometimes, he said, he would kill two or three people a month, and sometimes he would kill an entire family. Sometimes he would go for months and even years without killing, until the fancy took him again. Before the attack on the two girls in the Harris family mobile home he had always made a point of killing all his witnesses, he said. “My dad used to tell me that dead men tell no tales,” he remarked.
He boasted that he made a point of never leaving any evidence. No hair, no fingerprints because he always wore gloves.
Tommy Sells talked about his murders as a crime writer talks about his plots. A police spokesman said, “My God, the guy is a killing machine. He is a sadistic individual.” Read the full horrific account of Tommy Lynn Sells crimes in True Detective October – out now... more »
True CrimeHow Schoolfriends Became Three-Time Killers
The pair’s deadly friendship began in the playground. It ended 30 years, three murders and numerous rapes later when John Duffy told a jury that David Mulcahy was his accomplice...
The prosecuting QC told the court that Mulcahy and Duffy had abducted, gagged and bound their 15 victims, one acting as a lookout while the other raped and then reversing their roles. They would toss a coin to decide who would rape their next victim first.
Mulcahy was “the instigator and prime mover in the murders, the one for whom the sexual abuse had become insufficient to satisfy,” said the prosecutor. “The lust for the exercise of power over life and death had become an added thrill...
“There was the desire to dominate and exercise complete power over the victims. Under those circumstances it is only a comparatively small step to the ultimate exercise of power: to kill the victims. It is clear that each man had complete confidence and trust in the other. A unique but wicked bond existed between the two men and sustained them.”
Describing the pair in their youth, the prosecutor said that Mulcahy was strong, outgoing, and liked to be the centre of attention. In contrast, Duffy was small, quiet and withdrawn. Their pranks included frightening homosexuals and courting couples on Hampstead Heath. “They would jump out at them wearing Hallowe’en masks. This behaviour may have been understandable from teenagers," said the QC, "but they were in their twenties.”Read the complete report in True Crime September - out now... more »
Master DetectiveThe Horror Of The Dracula Killer
I had to do it,” Richard Chase told a fellow jail-inmate. “I have blood poisoning and I need blood. I thought about it for several weeks and decided I was tired of hunting and killing animals so I could drink their blood. I decided I would kill humans for their blood.”
“The Sacramento Vampire,” as he became known, had begun his spate of killings on January 23rd, 1978, when he saw 22-year-old Teresa Wallin walk across her lawn and disappear into her house on Tioga Way. Moments later he followed her in through the front door.
She was about to come out again, carrying a bag of rubbish, when he confronted her in the hallway. On seeing his gun, she raised her right arm to ward off his shots. His first bullet drilled through her hand and into the left side of her head. The second went through her forearm, struck her forehead and ended up in her neck.
As she collapsed, Chase fired another shot into the right side of her head.
Then he hauled her to the master bedroom, where he pulled down her pants and pushed up her sweater and bra. He went to the kitchen and returned with a carving knife.
Teresa was still alive, but probably unconscious, when he sliced her open from her chest to her navel, pulled out her intestines and cut out her kidneys. After thrusting the knife through her heart, he stabbed her repeatedly in her left nipple, smeared her blood over his face, and licked it off his fingers.
Next, having pulled her left leg out of her pants, he spread her legs wide apart and smeared her blood over her inner thighs. Then he got an empty yogurt container from the rubbish bin, filled it with her blood and drank it.
The next day her 27-year-old killer read newspaper reports of her murder and kept them. His first taste of human blood had made him yearn for more victims, and their deaths were not long coming…Follow the bloody trail in Master Detective September– out now! more »
Murder Most FoulBride Pushed Her Husband Off A Cliff
Attractive Jordan Linn Graham, 22, was having second thoughts about her marriage to 25-year-old Cody Lee Johnson. She texted a friend on July 7th, 2012, to let her know she was going to tell her husband about her reservations.
“Oh, well, I’m about to talk to him,” Jordan said.
“I’ll pray for you guys,” the friend replied.
Jordan wrote back, “But dead serious – if you don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened.”
Jordan and Cody argued until they were tired of arguing, then they decided to go for a hike through the Loop Trail area of the Glacier National Park in Montana – they were newly-weds remember and were meant to be enjoying themselves.
It was around 9 p.m. when they arrived at the park in their Audi. The twilight made the vast expanse of mountains and gorges a magical place.
As they climbed the peaks and took in the breathtaking views of the wilderness, their pleasure was tainted by the argument that never seemed to stop – you know how it works – the same points regurgitated over and over again, nothing ever being resolved, until you both stop from sheer exhaustion and the need to get on with other things.
As they neared the crest of a peak, Cody grabbed Jordan’s arms. According to Jordan, she pushed his arm away then pushed him with both hands in the back. Jordan wouldn’t have seen the look on his face – surprise, fear and horror...
For Cody stumbled over the edge of the peak and began to fly face-downwards into the deep canyon. He would have been conscious perhaps for about half that time.
When the body was finally found Medical Examiner Gary Dale determined that Cody Johnson had died of blunt force trauma – he’d bounced off a rock outcrop about 200 metres down and landed face down in water. His ribs were crushed, his heart had torn open, he had a seven-inch skull fracture and his right eye socket had collapsed.
The honeymoon was over…but what happened next? The answer is inside Murder Most Foul 93…in newsagents and online now....
 more »
True Detective
True Detective October 2014
In UK shops September 4th, 2014

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