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True DetectiveFour Victims For The “Bonnie & Clyde” Killers
It was all too easy to glamorise them as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde as they swept through three American states leaving behind a trail of murders and heartbreak.
But David Pedersen and his girlfriend Holly Grigsby and the creed that inspired their killing campaign repelled most US citizens.
By the time he left school Pedersen had already committed a string of criminal offences and spent almost all of the ages of 16 to 31 behind bars. Hardened by so many formative years entombed in an adult jail, he became a violent racist and white supremacist. Tattoos covered his body: a swastika across his chest, Hitler on his stomach, SWP (Supreme White Power) round his neck.
In May 2011 he emerged from prison, armed with a religion of hate and bitterness, determined to carry out whatever atrocity it demanded of him. Always interested in martial arts, he started a new career as a cage fighter. His physique and political zeal caught the interest of 24-year-old Holly Grigsby when they were introduced at a bar one evening by a mutual friend.
Pedersen noticed the swastika inked on her ankle straight away. Attraction arced between them like electricity. Within weeks, she’d quit work, skipped meetings with her parole officer, and told her husband she was leaving him and their baby for a man who knew everything about National Socialism and World War Two.
She didn’t mention that Pedersen had also been researching names and addresses of Jewish organisations in Seattle, Portland and Sacramento to identify figureheads for his own personal and lethal pogrom. But that would have to wait, he told Holly. He had other business that needed his attention first…Inside True Detective March you can discover exactly what that bloody business was… more »
True CrimeHorror Of The Crossbow Cannibal
There were gasps of astonishment in the lower court when serial killer Stephen Griffiths was asked to confirm his name by the magistrates’ clerk. He snapped back: “The Crossbow Cannibal.”
The clerk paused. “And your address?’
“Here, I guess,” he replied.
He called himself the Crossbow Cannibal because he murdered at least one of his three women victims with a crossbow bolt fired at point-blank range, and because he afterwards ate parts of them. Revelling in his cannibalism, he boasted to police: “That’s part of the magic.”
He added: “The creature that I was chopped and churned…some eaten raw [sic].” Asked about cuts on his hands, he said they were caused by “slicing and dicing.”
He showed no emotion as the stomach-churning depravity of his crimes was revealed to a stunned courtroom.
A student of criminology obsessed with serial killers, he told detectives: “I’m misanthropic. I don’t have much time for the human race.” But he insisted he had “nothing against working girls,” and was “not street cleaning like Peter Sutcliffe.”
He was educated at a private school, had a degree in psychology, and was studying for a PhD in homicide, but had cut himself off from society, because “a civil war is going on in my head.” The whole story is inside True Crime March – out now! more »
Master DetectiveHow A Third Murder Nabbed A Killer
He found them lying side by side in a ditch, their fully clothed bodies riddled with bullets. Eleven-year-old Skyla had been shot eight times, 13-year-old Taylor five. Her grandfather's screams echoed in the humid air of the June evening in Weleetka, Oklahoma.
Police found shell casings, tyre tracks and footprints at the crime scene. Two guns of different calibres had been used, meaning there might have been two killers.
Investigators were convinced the killer or killers had local knowledge because the area was well off the beaten track. Naturally, this view only added to the town’s sense of terror that the murderer could strike again.
Sheriff Jack Choate warned residents to take precautions. Doors were bolted, blinds drawn, and children forbidden to play on the streets.
“To have this gut feeling that the killer might be among you is unbearable,” said Choate. “Folk who’d known each other all their lives started looking at each other in a different way. You could smell the fear. Everyone had their gun loaded.”
“It fair ripped the heart out of Weleetka,” said Sheriff Choate.
One of the many people interviewed after the girls died in 2008 was 25-year-old Kevin Sweat, a troubled naval veteran whose brother had committed suicide a year before.
Sweat’s blog revealed an obsession with guns, knives and violence and in December 2008 he wrote a cryptic entry saying he had “a secret for everyone…” Read the rest of this incredible story in Master Detective March – out now! more »
Murder Most FoulHow Many Victims For The Serial Killer Who Enjoyed Killing?
Samantha Koenig, 18 (pictured top), loved her job as a barista in the Common Grounds coffee kiosk. Sited in the centre of Anchorage, Alaska, it was a refuge for anyone seeking solace from the bitter arctic winds of America’s most northern state capital. Her ever-ready smile would have warmed the heart of many of her customers. She’d only been there for a month and was happy and contented, said her friends and family.
On Wednesday, February 1st, 2012, with the temperature averaging minus seven degrees Celsius during the day, Sammy – as she was known to her friends – had very few customers. She would therefore have probably greeted Israel Keyes (pictured) even more warmly than usual, savouring at last a sprinkling of conversation and company.
Little did she know what Keyes had in mind for her.
Keyes killed Samantha less than a day later after stealing her debit card from a vehicle she shared at the home where she lived with her father. Torturing her to get the PIN, he then scratched it into the card so he wouldn’t forget.
Samantha’s ice-covered body was found in a lake north of Anchorage in April (pictured). After killing her, Keyes used her phone to send text messages to try and leave a false trail. He then flew to Texas and returned on February 17th.
Keyes then used Sammy’s phone again to send text messages demanding a ransom be paid to the bank account linked to the debit card.
Travelling extensively, he made withdrawals from cashpoints in Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before he was finally arrested in Lufkin, Texas. He was charged with kidnapping resulting in Sammy’s death.
After his arrest, the police soon discovered there was yet more to the tale of Israel Keyes. Information he let slip slowly and deliberately began to link him to seven more murders in three other states…Read the rest of the incredible story of Israel Keyes' career in killing in Murder Most Foul 94 - out now!... more »
True Detective
True Detective April 2015
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