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True DetectiveOscar Pistorius - The Full Tragic Story
Oscar Pistorius was the The "Blade Runner." He grew up model-handsome and became half superman, half super machine. He trained himself to perfection, won gold at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, became the only man with no legs to compete at the Olympics, and was South Africa’s most idolised sportsman. Along the way he amassed a sizeable fortune.
He had also spent the past 14 weeks becoming an item with beautiful blonde Reeva Steenkamp, a law graduate and model, forming a relationship tailor-made for celebrity mags and gossip columnists. At only 26, Oscar Pistorius had just about everything.
But if ever there was a case of the higher you go the harder you fall, this was about to be it. The fall came crashing down on Valentine’s night, 2013. After that, among all the people who knew Oscar, not everyone liked him any more.
That was the night he killed Reeva, firing four bullets at her through the door as she crouched in the toilet cubicle that was part of the en-suite bathroom of his home, where she was staying.
For the lawyers who came milling around the dichotomy was simple: did he shoot her dead intentionally through the closed door after an incident in the middle of the night, as the prosecution suggested? Or, as he claimed, did he fire the four shots from his 9 mm pistol at the door – three of which hit Reeva, killing her almost instantly – in the calamitously mistaken belief that behind that door was a menacing intruder?
Did he in fact act out of rage, or out of fear? Read the whole story in True Detective February… more »
True CrimeSeance On An Eastbourne Beach
A small boy wandered off across the Crumbles, searching among rocks and across the pebbly beach for any treasure trove the sea might have cast up in his path. He wandered farther than usual, and was about to turn back when he saw the toe of a shoe sticking up through the grey and white stones.
A shoe on a beach was not just a discarded article of footwear to him. It was booty. He began clambering across the shingle to reach his prize and, when he stooped down and cleared away the smooth stones, he found that he had uncovered not only a shoe, but also a stockinged foot.
He ran away, shouting.
Less than 24 hours after her death, the body of 17-year-old typist Irene Munro had been discovered.
The body was dressed in a thin green summer coat. All the girl’s clothes were there, but where was her handbag? The motive for the crime was obvious to the police.
If investigation of the murder of Irene Munro had been left to strictly conventional methods, her killers might have got away with it. But they didn’t. They were snared by a detective from Scotland Yard...with help from a spiritualist. The scene was the Crumbles, a then desolate stretch of shingle beach near the Sussex resort of Eastboume. The time was midnight, chosen to avoid sightseers. A seance was about to take place. A seance held to trap Irene’s slayers...The whole story inside True Crime January – out now! more »
Master DetectiveMarie Was A Wife, Mother And Husband Killer
Spendthrift Alabama mum Marie Hilley had become bored with her 24-year marriage and she decided to make her humdrum life a little more eventful. A few weeks later, in May 1975, her husband Frank began to feel dreadfully ill...The roller-coaster ride that followed was stranger than fiction. First she murdered her husband, then tried to kill her daughter too. And, when the heat was on her, Marie reinvented herself – and led police on a merry dance...
By December 1979 she recognised that her life as Marie Hilley was over. A new decade was dawning and it was time to start again. So in January 1980, she reinvented herself as Robbi Hannon.
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she met John Homan, 33. A simple, straightforward kind of guy, he ran his own boat-building business and they began an affair. Still attractive, Marie, 46, told John she was 35 – and she looked it, too. Her stylish hair and fashion sense made her seem ageless.
The couple married, moving to New Hampshire, and Robbi, as she now was, got a job at Central Screw, a construction parts manufacturer. Her southern charm quickly won over her colleagues, especially the men. She was dying of an incurable illness, she told them, also inventing a “twin sister” Teri, who apparently lived in Texas and needed her right now as she was having marital problems.
She travelled to Texas to be with her “twin sister” but immediately flew on to Pompano Beach, Florida. There she bleached her hair, changed her style, called herself Teri Martin. Her twin Robbi, meanwhile, had died, she told everyone.
John later said he believed Teri completely. He felt odd emotions as he mourned the loss of his wife but at the same time found himself besotted with her twin sister. They moved in together and Teri got a new job. But then she made a mistake...Read the rest of this incredible story in Master Detective February – out now! more »
Murder Most FoulHow Many Victims For The Serial Killer Who Enjoyed Killing?
Samantha Koenig, 18 (pictured top), loved her job as a barista in the Common Grounds coffee kiosk. Sited in the centre of Anchorage, Alaska, it was a refuge for anyone seeking solace from the bitter arctic winds of America’s most northern state capital. Her ever-ready smile would have warmed the heart of many of her customers. She’d only been there for a month and was happy and contented, said her friends and family.
On Wednesday, February 1st, 2012, with the temperature averaging minus seven degrees Celsius during the day, Sammy – as she was known to her friends – had very few customers. She would therefore have probably greeted Israel Keyes (pictured) even more warmly than usual, savouring at last a sprinkling of conversation and company.
Little did she know what Keyes had in mind for her.
Keyes killed Samantha less than a day later after stealing her debit card from a vehicle she shared at the home where she lived with her father. Torturing her to get the PIN, he then scratched it into the card so he wouldn’t forget.
Samantha’s ice-covered body was found in a lake north of Anchorage in April (pictured). After killing her, Keyes used her phone to send text messages to try and leave a false trail. He then flew to Texas and returned on February 17th.
Keyes then used Sammy’s phone again to send text messages demanding a ransom be paid to the bank account linked to the debit card.
Travelling extensively, he made withdrawals from cashpoints in Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas before he was finally arrested in Lufkin, Texas. He was charged with kidnapping resulting in Sammy’s death.
After his arrest, the police soon discovered there was yet more to the tale of Israel Keyes. Information he let slip slowly and deliberately began to link him to seven more murders in three other states…Read the rest of the incredible story of Israel Keyes' career in killing in Murder Most Foul 94 - out now!... more »
True Detective
True Detective March 2015
In UK shops February 5th, 2015

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Master Detective
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Murder Most Foul
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