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True DetectiveThe Killing Of America’s Deadliest Sniper
At 4.55 p.m. a resort guide noticed that the red flag was still up – nearly an hour after the booking was supposed to have expired. He drove towards the shooting platform. Several weapons were still set out, waiting to be fired, but Chris Kyle’s truck was nowhere to be seen. Eddie Routh was also nowhere in sight.
The guide approached what appeared at first sight to be a sack – and only when he came close did he realise that it was a dead body – the body of Chad Littlefield. He was lying on his back with multiple gunshots in the chest. His pistol was still tucked into his jeans. There were grooves in the sand around Littlefield’s fingers, suggesting his final agony as he clawed at the sand after being shot.
Chris Kyle was lying several feet away. He had been shot in the back and in the back of his head. There was blood all over his baseball cap, and his pistol lay in the sand, within reach of his outstretched hand.
Ironically, Routh had murdered Chad Littlefield with Kyle’s “special gun” that had been given to former sniper Kyle by the US Navy. The barrel was engraved with an anchor in tribute to his service with the Navy SEALs. After brutally killing the two men who were there to help him, Routh reloaded the special gun and took it with him as he fled…Read the full report in True Detective August – out now! more »
True CrimeRichard Speck: “Born To Raise Hell” Killer Of Eight Chicago Nurses
It was about 6 o’clock that morning when Francis Flanagan, chief of Chicago homicide detectives, got the call telling him that at least one student nurse had been murdered.
“Better call Dragel,” Flanagan said, referring to Daniel Dragel, director of the police crime lab. “I’m on my way.”
When he arrived many residents had surrounded the end townhouse. As Flanagan entered the front door, he met Patrolman Daniel Kelly, who pointed to a settee against a wall of the downstairs living-room. Face-down lay the nude body of a young woman, a strip torn from a bedsheet tightly knotted around her neck.
“There are seven more upstairs,” Kelly said, struggling to keep his composure.
In the first-floor hall outside the bathroom Flanagan found one body. The young woman was in nightclothes that were now crimson. She had been stabbed repeatedly and lay in a pool of blood.
Flanagan turned to his right and entered the bedroom at the end of the hall. There he found three women lying side by side in the narrow floor space between the bunk bed and the door. All had been stabbed. A wide, irregular pool of blood surrounded them.
Flanagan backed out into the hall and turned left into the adjoining bedroom. There three more bodies of young women lay before his disbelieving eyes.
One was on a bed against the wall. Two others, piled one upon the other, were on the floor between the bed and the dresser. The woman on the bed had been strangled with a strip from a bedsheet and had been stabbed in the chest.Read the full case report in True Crime August – out now… more »
Master DetectiveAustralia's Monster Of Murder
“I am reasonably certain that this youth has a serious psychosexual problem,” said a psychiatrist who examined Peter Dupas in prison. “He is using the technique of denial as a coping device and he is to be seen as potentially dangerous. The denial technique makes for huge difficulty in treatment.”
Senior Detective Ian Armstrong expressed himself more bluntly. “Dupas is an unmitigated liar and a very dangerous young person who will continue to offend where females are concerned,” he reported. “He will possibly cause the death of one of his victims if he is not straightened out, and soon.”
Twenty-eight years and three murder convictions later, Armstrong would recall that as a youngster Dupas “stood out. To me the guy was just pure evil. He was a dumpy, baby-faced kid of about twenty-one who looked even younger. He looked so innocuous, like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But he was a cold, calculating liar. His attacks were all carefully planned, and he showed no remorse. We could see where he was going. I recall thinking, ‘This guy could go all the way, get on the front pages of the papers.’” Read the full report and find out – in Master Detective August – on sale nowmore »
Murder Most FoulUnsolved: Who Killed TV’s Colonel Hogan?
Bob Crane had become a household name as Colonel Hogan, the wisecracking prisoner of war in TV’s Hogan’s Heroes. Although his career had gone into decline after the long series ended, even in 1978 he was still able to make $200,000 a year touring in plays. Now though, he was dead.
What was beyond dispute was that Bob Crane never knew what hit him. This was apparently a heavy blunt instrument such as a tyre lever, and the medical examiner said that the actor had been struck twice on the side of the head as he slept.
The pathologist added that the attack had taken place in the early hours of June 29th, and the depth of the skull-crushing wounds indicated that the killer was a man of considerable strength.
Detectives speculated that the killer had taken his time. The murder appeared to have been well-planned, with no sign of haste or frenzy. Bob Crane had received extensive skull fractures and brain damage, and to ensure the victim was dead the killer had tied a length of flex from a video camera in the room around the actor’s neck.
As the investigation progressed, this final touch with the video camera cord seemed symbolic. Nearly 50 videotapes were found in the apartment. They showed Crane having sex with a variety of women, and this prompted the suspicion that the killer was the husband or boyfriend of one of the females depicted…Read our report on this intriguing case in Murder Most Foul 97…
 more »
True Detective
True Detective September 2015
In UK shops August 6th, 2015

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True Crime
True Crime
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Master Detective
Master Detective
August 2015
Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul
No. 97

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