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True DetectiveThe Killing Of America’s Deadliest Sniper
At 4.55 p.m. a resort guide noticed that the red flag was still up – nearly an hour after the booking was supposed to have expired. He drove towards the shooting platform. Several weapons were still set out, waiting to be fired, but Chris Kyle’s truck was nowhere to be seen. Eddie Routh was also nowhere in sight.
The guide approached what appeared at first sight to be a sack – and only when he came close did he realise that it was a dead body – the body of Chad Littlefield. He was lying on his back with multiple gunshots in the chest. His pistol was still tucked into his jeans. There were grooves in the sand around Littlefield’s fingers, suggesting his final agony as he clawed at the sand after being shot.
Chris Kyle was lying several feet away. He had been shot in the back and in the back of his head. There was blood all over his baseball cap, and his pistol lay in the sand, within reach of his outstretched hand.
Ironically, Routh had murdered Chad Littlefield with Kyle’s “special gun” that had been given to former sniper Kyle by the US Navy. The barrel was engraved with an anchor in tribute to his service with the Navy SEALs. After brutally killing the two men who were there to help him, Routh reloaded the special gun and took it with him as he fled…Read the full report in True Detective August – out now! more »
True CrimeSon Cooked His Parents And Put Them In Luncheon Boxes
The heads of the elderly couple were found in a refrigerator in their son’s flat, together with three arms and four legs. What he couldn’t eat at once he salted, parcelled up in sandwich boxes and put in his fridge.
Henry Chau Hoi-leung, 29, told police that he decided to kill his parents because his “emotional connection with them had broken down.” He added: “It was their own fault for not treating me properly.”
According to friends, Chau Hoi-leung was raised by loving parents, who gave him everything. Finally, reluctant to continue funding his lavish lifestyle, they suggested he should get a job. He immediately severed ties with them and accused them of abandoning him.
Then, when the parents, Chau Wing-ki, 65, and his wife Siu Yuet-yee, 62, got an invitation to lunch from their son at his flat in Hong Kong they thought he was prepared to put his bad feelings behind him. Instead, when they arrived he stabbed them both to death…Read the full case report in True Crime July – out now… more »
Master DetectiveA Killer At 15…Now Sentenced To 80 Years
It was a barbaric, bizarre slaughter – a 15-year-old girl killing a perceived love rival by repeatedly stabbing and then burning her alive. Her tattooed boyfriend Alexander Salgado, 26, joined her in the premeditated execution – to “prove” his love.
But as well as the barbarity, there was a strange twist to the story. By the time the girl’s case came to trial, she was 20 and the full force of the law was applied with no emphasis on rehabilitation – such as might have been applied in the juvenile courts.
The end result was that Maricela Nicolasa Diaz was sentenced to 80 years’ imprisonment for an offence committed as a child.
She fell on her knees before Judge Tim Bjorkman in the sentencing court at Alexandria, South Dakota. “I ask you, your honour, please have mercy on me,” she cried.
In sentencing Maricela, the judge explained why he felt it was deserved. “This crime in particular crossed the bounds of all human decency,” he said. “It simply shredded the dignity of human life that this community holds dear.”
How could such a thing happen? Read the full report and find out – in Master Detective July – on sale now… more »
Murder Most FoulSabrina – A Real “Teenage Witch?”
Driving up to the three-bedroom detached Willoughby Hills home beside the Chagrin River in Ohio the officer could never have imagined the horror he would find within. But the police dispatcher had been certain of the urgency of the case.
Holding the phone, she had heard the terrified 13-year-old screaming, “Are you okay, mom?” She imagined the girl looking towards the bedroom. “Are you okay? Stop! Please! Oh my God! Please stop! My mom’s going to die!” the child cried.
The police officer recalled his approach to the house. “I pulled in the driveway and I saw a young female exit the front door and tell me that I better hurry up, that her sister was stabbing her mother to death.”
He would never forget the look on the young girl’s face, as he slipped out his gun and raced down the hall.
She emerged from the bedroom covered in blood from head to toe, holding a 10-inch serrated kitchen knife. The young police officer told her to drop it. She did so and he secured her with flexicuffs.
He went to the bedroom, entering a scene from a horror movie. “The female was lying motionless; there was a really small minor child in the closet that was crying,” he reported later. “There was nothing I could do – the female was deceased.” It was November 16th, 2012.
The female was Lisa Knoefel, who had two natural children of her own – a 13-year-old and a three-year-old. Her killer was her foster daughter Sabrina Zunich, 18…Read the full report in Murder Most Foul 96 – out now more »
True Detective
True Detective August 2015
In UK shops July 2nd, 2015

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True Crime
True Crime
July 2015
Master Detective
Master Detective
July 2015
Murder Most Foul
Murder Most Foul
No. 96

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